out of all the destinations my family and i went to on cruise Carnival Miracle (summer 2012), the city of Nassau is the most urbanized which would make sense since it is the capital of the Bahamas and located on the island of New Providence. after visiting the other two port stops, Nassau’s city development combined with exotic beaches created an ethereal landscape. luckily, my dad and i were able to view this stretch in the best way - riding segways up and down boardwalks and exploring open field lots, as seen in image four! the vehicle was really hard to maneuver at first and i struggled with staying in vertical positions without falling dramatically, which meant that i never let go of the machine no matter which way it threw me. there were also some weird worm bugs from the open lots that latched onto my clothes and skin whenever i got close to the ground, which was basically every time -.- they were particularly interesting simply because they resembled inchworms with mouths; one end would literally part in half and then close entirely in simultaneous patterns. my dad freaked out because he “saw the parasites on discovery channel and knew they could burrow into my skin and live off of me.” i wasn’t going to take any chances so we picked off all of them before any full on commitment was made. as for the rest of the city, Nassau had a lot of european influenced structures such as french balconies and random assortments of classic lamp posts. with a history involving fires caused by spaniards, occupances by both spaniards and french and then by english and americans, Nassau was bound to have a variety of different cultures mixed into the landscape. before my dad and i went on our little segway excursion, we visited the Pirates Museum. we were joined by a very friendly tour guide who acted as captain blackbeard and he let us go into the Museum for free, so nice! unfortunately, i do not have any pictures of our explorations in that space. despite all of these secretive european influenced structures, there were also many traces of american styles in the city as well. our first encounter to american style included the Government building in Parliament Square, seen in image one. this building is of neoclassical style and was created under the impact of loyalists from southern United States. despite american traits, the building’s front entrance still had a very lovely display of various european representatives, including queen elizabeth ii and christopher columbus. one other famous building in Nassau is the extravagantly classy Crystal Palace Casino. my family and i did not visit this building, although i am positive they would have loved it. after seeing some pictures on the casino’s website and online, i would love to go too! just to catch the beautiful views. last of all is everyone’s favorite unique chain restaurant, Señor Frog’s! shown in image seven. apparently this restaurant is also in the United States, but i have only seen it on port stops on cruises. however, i have only eaten there once and it was a free meal along with the chosen excursion. their food is pretty decent from what i remember, although the restaurant is more geared towards bar hoppers looking for a fun time. unfortunately, i was always too young to join in the adult related excitement.
i hope to visit Nassau again someday, maybe to gamble away at the Crystal Palace Casino or grab a meal and drink at Señor Frog’s, just to experience something i heard everyone talk about once they got back onto the boat. maybe that’s why cruise trips are so special, they create idealized vacations that really take people out of their regular everyday environment and take them for a spin on freedom. for a week, we can explore these chances and have a time of our lives. cruises are much more exceptional than people make them out to be. here’s to endless days of sunshine, sand, food, exhilaration in the near future :D